here are the rules I would like you to respect in order to insure the fairness of this competition. If you disagree, do not understand those or are missing a rule, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The applicable rules for the team competition can be found after the chapter dedicated to the individual race rules.


Individual Competition:

The individual competition is the main event of the Indoor Rowers League. It's a non professional competition opened to every body. Participation is at your own risk. Indoor rowing is a sport that requires a good physical ability and is not responsible in any case for issues of ever kind that can happen to you will participating to any of the challenges in this competition.

Under Aged participants should requests their parents or legal tutor for approval. Here again, we are not responsible for your decision to participate.

Rowing machine

Only Concept 2 A, B, C, D, E models without slides are allowed.

Age, Weight & Gender category

When registering to the competition it is mandatory to select your gender, age and weight category. You can change your categories at anytime during the season. Choose whatever fits at the point of time you enter your result for a month and do this before entering a result.

Row validation

The only valid way to row one of the challenges of the IRL is to row that distance / time as a single piece in one straight row with a stopped wheel at start. This row can not be part of a longer row, an interval or anything else.
I also reserve myself the right as the creator, manager and only jury of this competition to request a proof that validates any of the rows rowed during the season at anytime during the competition.
If the rower from which I requested the proof is not able to provide me this one in the next 48 hours after my request, his/her row will be invalidated and his/her score brought back to 0.
I also give the permission to every rower participating to the competition to raise a contest concerning any of the rows rowed in the IRL.
The contest has to be sent to me at latest 24 hours after the submission of the row at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with an explanation why the row is to be considered as not valid.

Doping and other cheats

Ask yourself if this is really worth it. We will not control anybody as we do not have any capability to do so but would like you to be a fair sportwoman / man and adopt the rules of the Olympic committee and world rowing federation (FISA).


Team competition "8 on 8"

The same rules as for the individual competition apply.

A team is made out of maximum 10 rowers. There are no constraints concerning the setup of the team.

You must participate to the individual competition in order to participate to the team competition.

For every challenge only the 8 best individual adjusted results of each team will build the team result. The result of each individual will be compensated based on the gender - age - weight categories she / he belongs to. The compensation is based on the world record tables maintained at .

The team building will be closed at the end of the first month challenge on the 1st of October GMT noon. Please ensure to have selected your team until the cut-off date.

That’s all, now just get on your erg and enjoy the Indoor Rowers League! We wish you all good luck and may the force be with you!