This page contains a list of partners’ / teams’ / friends’ websites all related to indoor rowing or rowing.

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Individuals / Indoor Rowers / Rowers


Paul Buchanan

The "Beowulf" does not need any introduction. Just check his blog on the road to sub 6'.


Sam Blythe

 We recommend you Sam's training diary about his experience as a personal trainer / fitness coach / indoor rowing champion.


Ollie Osborne

"From Boston to Beyond" is the title of this top athlete's blog, referring to what it takes to get to the top of the world. Read from Oz's successes, drawbacks and all the lessons learned he had and follow him on his comeback.


Indoor Rowing Teams / Clubs


Empty the Tanks

 Caroline established the Empty the Tanks blog in 2009 to document and communicate with team members who where participating in the World Erg Challenge 2009. Since then the numbers of members gradually grew. To be part of this team, you do not need any invitation, pay a fee or be obliged to take part in any challenges, or competition. So feel free to join this friendly and supportive team!


Free Spirits Rowing

 Free (as in liberated and gratis) Spirits is a fairly random grouping of people of all ages who train using the Concept 2 rowing machine.  Being part of the team is motivational.  Nobody tells you what to do, but there is a wide variety of activities to choose from if you are so inclined.  The aim of Free Spirits is to have fun, no more than that.


French Indoor Rowers Team 

 The French Indoor Rowers Team is a virtual team of French indoor rowers from all ages and capabilities united in their passion for indoor rowing and organized in a Facebook group.



 An elite international indoor rowing team with significant achievements and more to come.


Sõudespinning from Estonia

The most addicted indoor rowing athletes in north and eastern Europe holding several world records in ultra distances and organizing every summer the "Tour d'Estonie".


Training and Motivation


The C2 Cross Team Challenge (CTC)

 You can find there a new team challenge every month. Every individual of a team contributes to the challenge, the better they go the higher they go and the higher the team boat goes. More on the website.


The nonathlon

The Nonathlon lets you compete on equal terms with other Concept2 rowers of all ages.  You compete against everyone, but using the previous years rankings you are only scored against the best times/distances for your own age, weight, and sex.  This gives everyone a more equal chance of winning.


The Pete Plan Blog 

Pete Marston has developed one of the most followed training plan in the indoor rowing world and is also one of the greatest advisors/coaches you can find.


Indoor rowing machine manufacturer (official sites only)



Located in Vermont, USA, Concept2 is the vendor and manufacturer of the most used indoor rowing machines.