Adjusted score calculation


There are several rankings available in the Indoor Rowers League:

The Open Ranking which takes the "raw" performance of every rower in account.

Then we have the "Best Woman" and "Best Man" rankings which takes the "adjusted" performance in account.

So what is the "adjusted" performance?

The "adjusted" performance is based on the gender - age - weight category (HWT, LWT) of each rower.

An adjustment table has been built as follow:

For each challenge, the wold records of each gender - age - weight category have been collected (or calculated).

Then the difference (either times or meters) of each world record against the fastest has been calculated.

The category with the fastest world records get 0 bonus points as it is the reference.

All the other categories get a bonus that is the difference (either time or meters) from the world record of their category to the category with the fastest world record.

An example:

In the 4:00 minutes challenge the fastest world record (calculated based on the 1k world records) is in the category Men 30 - 39 HWT. So their bonus = 0 meters.

Anonymous is a Man 50-59 LWT rower. The record of his category is a bit slower than the reference one, exactly 196 meters less.

So Anonymous will get 196 meters on top of his score. Let's say he has rowed 1100 meters, then his adjusted score will be 1100 + 196 = 1296 meters.

When the challenge is a distance and not a time to be rowed, then the bonus is a time discount on the time you have rowed.

You can find the actual bonus table here (please note that as of now only the 4:00 minutes bonus column is up to date)