Second Indoor Rowers League Season 2016/17

The second season of the Indoor Rowers League started on the 1st of September 2016 and ended on the 1st of May (noon UTC).
Thank you to the 303 rowers that took part to at least one challenge.
1 third female, 2 third male.
112 of you finished all the 8 challenges, this is great!

Male Single Competition

Theodor Kivistö won the open, followed by Heikki Keskinen and James Thomson.

The best male rower was Isaiah Harrison followed by Toni Pyykkö and Heikki Keskinen

Female Single Competition

Marika Laaksonen won the open, followed by Sally Thomson and Malwina Tritt.

The best woman was also Marika Laaksonen followed by Clare Rainbow and Marjorie Roome.

Team Competition

RNIRPP OO Power has won the team competition followed by Sub7 Mega Melt and Tahditomat.